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Our composites enhance structural integrity, improve load-bearing capacity, and extend lifespan.

Our carbon composite products excel in structural reinforcement, enhancing the strength and integrity of buildings, bridges, and infrastructure projects. With their exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, our composites contribute to increased safety, longevity, and structural resilience. Whether it's reinforcing concrete structures or providing lightweight yet robust support systems, our carbon composites offer versatile solutions that improve structural integrity and optimize load-bearing capabilities. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with engineers and architects to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring enhanced performance, durability, and peace of mind.


Achieve exceptional performance with our lightweight, strong, and flexible composites.

At Kord Composites, we understand the demands of the sports and leisure industry, where performance and innovation are paramount. Our carbon composites offer lightweight and durable solutions for high-performance sporting equipment and recreational gear. From carbon fiber bicycle frames to tennis rackets and golf clubs, our products can provide athletes and enthusiasts with an edge in performance, precision, and control. With their exceptional strength, flexibility, and weight reduction benefits, our composites empower individuals to achieve their best performance and redefine their of limits. Whether it's on the field, in the water, or on the slopes, our carbon composites deliver exceptional performance and durability, ensuring athletes stay ahead of the competition.


Transform farming practices with efficient, durable, and lightweight equipment solutions.

In the agricultural sector, our carbon composite solutions provide efficient and sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. Our products contribute to the development of advanced farming equipment, such as lightweight and durable machinery components.

With increased efficiency and improved productivity, our composites are transforming modern agriculture practices. By leveraging the strength, durability, and corrosion resistance of our carbon composites, farmers can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and maximize their yield.
Our team works closely with agricultural experts to develop customized solutions that address specific challenges, enabling farmers to achieve higher yields.



Customized carbon composites provide strength, comfort, and support for orthopedic applications.

Our composites find invaluable use in the field of orthopedics, contributing to the development of as prosthetics and surgical instrument. With their exceptional strength and customization options, our carbon composites offer precise and tailored solutions that enhance patient comfort, support rehabilitation, and improve overall quality of life.

From lightweight and flexible prosthetic limbs to radiolucent structural supports, which allows medical professionals to perform their procedures with greater accuracy and confidence,  using composites helps  experts and surgent to regain mobility, independence, and confidence our their patients.


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12k Carbon Fiber

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24k Carbon Fiber

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50k Carbon Fiber