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Advanced Techniques for High-Strength, Lightweight Carbon Composites Manufacturing.

At Kord Composites, we use advanced techniques like pultrusion, pull-winding, and pull-braiding to create high-quality, lightweight carbon composites. Our processes ensure precise fiber impregnation, resulting in profiles with exceptional properties and accuracy. With tailored mechanical properties, optimal fiber alignment, and exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, our composites excel in demanding applications across industries. Explore our wide range of carbon composite products for aerospace, automotive, and industrial needs, delivering outstanding performance, durability, and design flexibility.



Precise Fiber Reinforcement and High-Performance Resin Transfer Molding for Exceptional Carbon Composites

Our advanced over-braiding and HP-RTM techniques ensure precise and high-performance carbon composite manufacturing.

Over-braiding adds extra fibers to enhance strength, impact resistance, and fatigue life. With precise fiber control, we tailor mechanical properties, producing complex-shaped components with optimized strength-to-weight ratios for critical applications in aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

HP-RTM combines traditional RTM benefits with high-pressure infusion, ensuring complete resin impregnation for void-free, durable composites. The result is excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and design possibilities. From structural reinforcement to lightweight components, our over-braiding and HP-RTM carbon composites offer exceptional quality and reliability.

vacuum infusion


Void-Free Carbon Composite Production with Controlled Resin Impregnation for Strength and Durability

We utilize vacuum infusion at Kord Composites to create high-quality, void-free carbon composites. This process involves placing dry fibers in a sealed mold and applying vacuum pressure. The resin is drawn in, impregnating the fibers and forming a strong, lightweight structure. Vacuum infusion ensures consistent resin impregnation, resulting in excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy. This technique is ideal for large, complex shapes, offering weight reduction, strength, and durability. Our vacuum-infused carbon composites exhibit uniform material properties throughout the part, making them a reliable choice



Complex Geometries and Superior Surface Finishes in Carbon Composites Manufacturing.

Bladder molding produces carbon composite components with complex geometries and excellent surface finishes. A flexible bladder is inserted into the mold, surrounded by composite materials. Inflation applies uniform pressure for optimal resin flow and consolidation. The result is high-quality parts with high fiber volume, minimal voids, and enhanced mechanical properties. Bladder molding offers precise control, ensuring stability and finish. Ideal for precise applications, it creates lightweight, strong, and accurate parts with intricate details. Suited for aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.